I became acquainted with the art of cooking when I started my training at one of the best restaurants in Athens: Spondi. The requirements and quality status of the restaurant helped me develop in and get to know new aspects of gastronomy.

Through this experience arose the need for deeper knowledge that led me to a new world of know-how when I decided to pursue my studies as a culinary chemist.

My knowledge of culinary chemistry is a key point for the expertise, the foundation, and the basic principles that I follow to this day in gastronomy.

After completing my studies, with new culinary, artistic and creative horizons in view, I started a multicultural professional journey in kitchens around the world.

My memories from that period take me back to the Athenian restaurant “Cosmo” in Kolonaki, “Santa Monica” in Mykonos, Alonissos, Zakynthos, Paros. They carry me nostalgically to Switzerland, where I studied under distinguished French chefs, and to charming Latin America which became a turning point for my culinary identity!

During my two years of dedication to the Latin American culture, I came to know and love the dish that has become the signature to my entire career and expresses my mastery, love and passion as a chef of the Mediterranean gastronomy: ceviche!

In 2009, I decided to bring ceviche to Greece for the first time, in my first restaurant Olive Street, in Lindos, Rhodes.

Our love for the culinary art, simplicity, and tranquility and our need for a new experience in food led Olive Street down the path of success; A success that went on for years, but was interrupted by the Covid19 pandemic.

Now, three years later, time finds me in my new restaurant Kirtos, a new space on the coastline of Lindos, that houses our love for different, authentic, Mediterranean cuisine. My new venture, with quality and freshness of raw materials at its core, hopes to offer guests the ultimate sea-to-table experience.